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Adria loves a good party! The excitement, the candlelight, the perfect outfit, the old and new friends, the tasty bites and a well deserved drink, and, of course, the flowers! With any event, it’s the details that make it special. When it comes to weddings, Adria gives her clients the one-on-one attention every event deserves to achieve beautiful floral perfection. Bloom 47 is happy to work with a variety of styles.

Adria has been working with flowers for over a decade. She loves combining the aesthetics of her rural childhood with her architectural design education, reflecting both a natural feel and artistic touch. Adria first set up her floral studio in 2010 in Westwood, KS, in the heart of Kansas City. 


When Adria’s not in the flower zone, she’s on the sports field with her husband Ryan cheering on their 4 kids: Hank, Julia, August, and Wesley.   




Sustainable Practices

We believe in doing our part for the planet and the community. So we provide sourcing options for beautiful flowers that are grown and sold locally so that you can feel good about where yours come from and support Kansas & Missouri farmers with your bouquets and centerpieces.

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From our floral designer’s background in architectural design, we have a passion for creativity in all of our floral arrangements. We want your flowers to feel special, which is why we go above and beyond to arrange unique floral designs for unique individuals.

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Flowers for Every Budget

When we work together, you don’t just get beautiful flowers—you get a passionate, detail oriented, floral planner to arrange all the details. We also believe that beautiful flowers are for every budget, so we offer custom options at every level.

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Harmonious Planning

We love to ensure that all aspects of your event work together in harmony so that even the smallest details run smoothly. We will get in touch with other vendors as needed and work personally with the event venue to ensure that the transportation and set up of your flowers is flawless and in tune with the other aspects of your special day.

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of Mind

Once you’ve picked out your flowers, you can leave the rest to us! We understand how overwhelming event planning can be, and we desire to ease that for you as much as we can and leave you feeling that your event was something to truly cherish. You can rest assured that we will bring the best version of your vision to life as we arrange every step of the floral planning process.

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We can’t wait to add joy to the cherished memories of your special event with our beautiful flowers.

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